Student Government

Lincoln University Student Association The Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA) provides a forum for the free  Lincoln University Student Association exchange of ideas that is essential to the vitality of the academic environment to which students are exposed. This continued freedom of expression is not only vital to any democratic society, but also serves as a directive force in many university programs. The Lincoln University Student Association is composed of representatives of the various ethnic organizations on campus, as well as at-large members and officers elected by the student body every Fall Semester. The Lincoln University Student Association represents the students in matters of self-government and problems of mutual interest to the student body and the University. Its purpose is to initiate student activities and to help promote the student's welfare on the campus. The Student Association consists of a group of officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and a representative body (The Student Senate) who are elected every Fall Semester.

The Association, in cooperation with other organizations on campus, strives to develop and present varied activities that will meet the social, cultural and academic needs of the student. Whether held on or off campus or involving a large or small segment of the student body, they reflect the personal orientation of the University.


Message from the LUSA President:

Dear Lincoln Knights,

Let me first thank the whole student body for putting their trust in me to handle a responsibility this great. I am greatly humbled and grateful to be serving Lincoln University and everything that comprises it and makes us one big family.

Lincoln University Student Association is an organization established for the entire student body involving students to be active academically and socially as well. It provides us students the leeway and the opportunity to present, develop and improve our talents, skills and interest. It is about being the voice of the students, giving you more ownership with the activities and events for you to attend. We have discussion boards to help you voice your opinions, ask questions, raise issues to help us and the whole University improve, so together we can move ahead and be united through our diversity.

On behalf of LUSA we thank the President of the University, Dr. Brodsky, the Director of Student Services, Annique, the department heads and staff, the faculty, the previous LUSA officers and the students for they will be guiding us so that we will have a fulfilling and fun 2013.

I wish you all the best in your pursuit for academic and professional success!


Amanda Thea V. Maceda