Multidisciplinary Research Center

The goal of the Multidisciplinary Research Center at Lincoln University (MRC) is to apply a multidiciplinary approach to solve complex problems. MRC focuses on both fundamental and applied research. In addition multidisciplinary collaboration creates an environment ideal for cross-fertilization of knowledge and effective technology transfer across differing fields of study and economic activity.
The MRC approaches theoretical and practical problems by combining academic researchers possessing the appropriate background with representatives from the business world searching for a wider analysis of a real world problem. By cooperating closely with carefully selected academics, representatives from the business world collaborate toward seeking a solution for the problem in question. Both sides from the MRC benefit. Participants from the business world acquire useful analysis which raises their problem-solving capabilities while academic researchers acquire an ever growing knowledge of the problems faced by companies in our quickly changing economy.
MRC welcomes all who are interested in multidisciplinary collaboration and research and welcomes all businesses to bring their most complex problems for multidisciplinary analysis and solution.
MRC does not just solve problems for you, it solves your problems together with you

Dr. Sergey Aityan Professor and Director of Multidisciplinary Research Center
  (510) 628-8016