Personal Counseling

On occasion, some students feel the stress of personal problems. Such stress can interfere with academic success. Student Services Office provides confidential, personalized help in referral assistance to professional counselors for students experiencing emotional difficulties. Students may also utilize the libraries resources on related materials. If you or a friend is experiencing personal difficulty please stop by the office.

Counseling Alternative:

Dont feel like speaking to an 'adult' speak to your peers at Spillnow. Extermely confidential and nothing is reported back to the school.

How it works:

1. A student 'spiller' submits an anonymous, private message about his problem via the site.
2. Student SPILL send the message to 8 to 12 trained student 'supporters" of similar background.
3. Student screeners check to see if there is immediate crisis and edit anything detrimental that might be in supporters' responses.
4. Supporters consult a handbook or ask student SPILL staff for help if needed. If they are not comfortable with the issue, they can opt out.
5. Within 24 hours, at least 5 supporters submit a personalized, encouraging message, including advice and referrals to at least 2 local resources per issue.
6. The spiller receives an e-mail with a private link to supporters' responses.
7. The case closes after 48 hrs. Then the system sends an automatic e-mail with local resources reinforcing the personal responses plus an optional survey.