Fee Schedule

APPLICATION FEE (non-refundable) $95

MATH 5 and ENG 2-9 $300 per unit*
BA 10-299, DI 10-199 and general education courses $445 per unit *
BA 300-499 and DI 200-299 $470 per unit *
BA 500-599 $580 per unit *

Computer Lab Fee $40 per term
Instructional Materials Fee $25 per term
Diagnostic Imaging Lab Use Fee $50 per lab unit
Publication Fee $10 per semester
Library Fee $50 per semester

Registration Fee $50 per term
Student Services Fee $40 per semester
Student Identification Card $15 first and for each replacement
Late Registration Fee (charged after the official registration days):
a) Returning Students $60 per term
b) New Students $20 per term
Returned Payment Fee $40 per transaction
Change in Registration Fee** / Late Fee (after official date) $20 / $50 per transaction
Change of Program or Concentration Fee $70 per transaction
Deferred Payment Fee $50 per note
Deferred Payment Adjustment Fee / Late Payment Fee $25 / $35 per transaction
Externship Insurance Fee $30 per unit
Health Insurance Plan (estimate)*** $700-$1,200 per year
Diploma and Transcript Fee / Diploma Replacement Fee $75 / $75 per application
Commencement Ceremony Fee: Before / After the Deadline $150 / $250 per application (optional)
Verification Letters (optional) $20 per letter
English Placement Test Fee $20 per test
MBA Comprehensive Exam Retake Fee $470 per retake
DBA Qualifying Exam Fee $580 per attempt
DBA Dissertation Defense Retake Fee $580 per retake
Pre-application Transcripts Evaluation Fee (optional)**** $100 per evaluation
Airport Pickup Fee (optional) $85 per trip
Housing Placement Fee (optional) $80 per placement
Past Due Balance Interest 0.05% of the balance per day
Wire Transfer Fee: In / Out $15 / $40 per transaction
International Credit Card Convenience Fee $10 per transaction
Foreign Bank Check Fee (including Foreign Money Order) to be determined
BPPE STRF ***** $0.00 per $1,000 of tuition
Withdrawal Processing Fee $95
Enrollment Cancellation Fee ****** $500
Students are responsible for all bank charges and fees related to their payments.
* Fee Schedule, including tuition rates, is effective Fall Semester 2018, and the University reserves the right to change it without notice. Term is a semester or a summer session.
** Non-refundable after the first class session or seventh day after the classes begin, whichever is later.
*** Mandatory for international students unless proof of insurance is submitted; can be paid per term. The price depends on the age of the insured.
**** Application fee will be waived if the student later applies to Lincoln University.
***** Each qualifying institution shall collect an assessment of zero dollars ($0) per one thousand dollars ($1,000) of institutional charges, rounded to the nearest thousand dollars, from each student in an educational program who is a California resident or is enrolled in a residency program. For institutional charges of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, the assessment is zero dollars ($0).
****** The fee is waived for students who completed two or more terms at the University, or by the approval of the University.

(conservative estimates, not including miscellaneous personal expenses)
Room and board: $900 per month, transportation: $60 per month, textbooks: $200 per term.