Records Retention Policy

Lincoln University's student records, transcripts, and other official documents are maintained according to applicable laws so as to be private, accurate, complete and permanent. The student records are organized alphabetically and include documents such as (a) transcript, (b) I-20, (c) acceptance letter, (d) application form, (e) bank reference, (f) copy of identification document, (g) copy of visa, (h) copy of I-94, (i) registration form, (j) reference letter and other documentation of pertinence, (k) notation, (l) referral, and (m) early warning form. Records pertaining to students are safeguarded and their confidentiality is maintained. Significant records, including student grade records and admissions data, are backed up electronically and are maintained by the Registrar's Office and the Records Office in a vault with a fire-retardant environment. Only authorized personnel are permitted to have access to these files. All materials used for determination of admission as well as for academic progress through educational programs, including a complete academic transcript that proves the student's course and program completion, are maintained.

Student Educational Records

Lincoln University fully incorporates the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 and set forth guidelines related to the disclosure of and access to student educational records maintained by the University. The "educational records" are any records that directly relate to a student and are maintained by the university and may be in any storage medium. Educational records include two types of information:

  • The directory information includes: student's name, local and permanent mailing address, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, date and place of birth, gender identification as provided by the student, major field of study, degree status (such as expected graduation date and/or conferral dates), enrollment status, number of course units in which enrolled, employment related to student status and dates positions held, dates of attendance, degrees received, previous educational institutions attended, enrollment agreement, volunteer activities, and photos or videos maintained by the university.

  • The non-directory information is personally identifiable information and includes sensitive information such as SSNs, course grades, transcripts and copies of diploma, financial information, and all other student information not included in the list of "directory information".

The student educational records are maintained electronically in student online database system by the Registrar's Office and contains records of student biographical data, transcripts and grade records, and all course-related records. These data can be aggregated and presented by course, in the semester view, and by individual student records. The database is safeguarded with automatic backups, and an offsite version is maintained for fire safety. Hard copies of the student educational records will be placed in fire resistant cabinets in a secure area of the Records Office that has been constructed to be in compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulating bodies.

Student Record Retention

A complete student files are maintained indefinitely by Lincoln University from the time of student application, acceptance, matriculation, and graduation or withdrawal. The student records are stored in fire resistant cabinets in a facility within a secure area as hard copies by the Director of Records. Digital records are secured in the electronic student information system in the Registrar's Office. However, the University is not responsible for loss of records due to but not limited to: nature, war, and destruction as a result of severe weather, vandalism, or acts of terrorism.