Master of Science in International Business Degree

The MS in International Business degree program enables students with undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in business to gain an in-depth and applied understanding of the complexities and functions of international management professionals in a globally competitive and rapidly changing business and economic environment. This specialized degree program is designed to address major managerial, economic and strategic planning issues facing multinational firms such as product development and competitive strategies, protecting raw material sources, foreign direct investment risks, technological change, and managing globally diverse businesses and organizations. The coursework supporting this program draws heavily on actual business firms’ international management practice and experience and the distinctive differences between operating a purely domestic versus a global or international business. This program prepares students upon graduation to assume management-level positions, which require an understanding of the diverse management skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective leadership and vision required to successfully guide the development and management of a complex network of global operations. Students graduating from this degree program are expected to have a demonstrable set of skills and knowledge that makes them very attractive employment candidates for business firms seeking new international management-level talent.