Transfer of Credit

Some required units might be satisfied through transfer of graduate course credits or working experience. The granting of transfer credits toward the degree will be based on a review of the student’s transcripts and resume then detailed comparison of completed courses and/or experience to the content of each applicable DBA course. Students may need to support their transfer credit request with course syllabi from the institution awarding credit. A maximum of 30 master level (300 and 400 courses) units with a grade of “B” or better may be accepted as transfer for the DBA degree. Only 9 of these units can be transferred to the MBA or MS degrees if a student wishes to receive them on the way to the DBA. The transferred credits cannot be earned more than 10 years before the transfer.

The estimated time for the degree completion (ETDC) is influenced by the transferred credit units and is determined by the formula: ETDC (in semesters) = 11 – (the number of transferred credits)/9. Transferred credit units also influence SAP by redefining the required minimum credits earned (course completion percentage) at each point of evaluation and should be added to that column numbers in the chart