Transfer of Credit

Some required credit units might be satisfied through transfer of graduate courses for newly admitted DBA students with Master’s degrees. The granting of transfer credit toward the degree will be based on a review of the student’s graduate transcripts and detailed comparison of already completed courses to the content of each applicable DBA course. Students may need to support their transfer credit request with course syllabi from the institution awarding credit. A maximum 30 units of graduate work with a grade of “B” or better from an accredited educational institution may be accepted as transfer credit for the DBA degree. The awarding of credit for coursework completed at any other institution is at the sole discretion of Lincoln University. The transferred credit cannot be earned more than 10 years before the transfer.

Credits accepted on transfers are recorded, but quality points from other institutions are not included in the GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations. The estimated time for a degree completion (ETDC) is influenced by the transferred credit units, calculated during registration, and is determined by the formula: ETDC (in semesters) = 10 – (the number of transferred credit units)/9.

Transferred credit units also influence SAP by redefining the required minimum credit units earned (course completion percentage) at each point of evaluation: transfer credit units should be added to the second column from the right (minimum credit units must be earned) in the chart below. Students who seek to earn an additional concentration and wish to use a part of credit units received earlier are treated in the same way as students transferring credit from other schools.