Time Limitation for DBA Degree Completion

A time limitation for receiving the DBA degree at Lincoln University is established to ensure that the degree represents mastery of current knowledge in the field of study. Time is counted from the beginning of student enrollment into the program. Academic credit received ten (10) years or more before the program completion will be deemed “no longer applicable”. Petition for exception to the policy may be directed to the President or the Provost for consideration and determination. If the petition is approved, the student may have options of repeating academic credit affected by the policy or elect an alternative that requires the student to establish competency with course objectives and learning outcomes the coursework affected. The candidate has the following options:

  • Request another course to substitute for the course outdated; or
  • Repeat the outdated course without credit; or
  • Revalidate the outdated Lincoln University course by examination.

A student completed the program by exhausting MTDC of 7.5 years or 140 maximum units attended but not defended his/her dissertation or failed to defend with the first attempt may once apply for the defense or re-defense during 10 years from the beginning of the program. He/she will not need to register and pay any fee. Students who could not pass the qualification examination or to defend the dissertation will receive a post-graduate study completion certificate and related transcripts.