Program Delivery and Scope

In general the Lincoln University DBA program coursework is delivered by the Lincoln University professors using a face-to-face educational mode on a semester basis. Some academic coursework including internship, special projects, and dissertations’ supervision may be provided in an on-line format, when the student’s research or study assignment requires them to be away from campus. Selected required core or elective concentration courses may be offered in on-line or special studies formats during periods when students are not normally expected to be on campus (e.g. summer or winter breaks).

The majority of students accepted into the DBA program are expected to be in full-time attendance and available to take classes as scheduled during the University’s normal operating hours. Students are also expected to be continuously enrolled in DBA program courses throughout their entire program of study unless specific individual exceptions are granted.

Students admitted to the DBA program on a part-time basis will need to arrange their work schedule so that they have the ability to take courses and make progress toward earning the doctoral degree in a reasonable and timely manner.

Independent study options supervised through appointments or on-line by the University faculty may be offered on a limited basis to DBA students who wish to maintain progress toward their degree but have work, family or home country issues that require them to be off campus.