DBA Program Learning Outcomes (DBA PLOs)

Completing DBA Program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and competence in the latest academic theories, concepts, and techniques in the field of business administration (DBA PLO1).
  • Evaluate advanced theories, and concepts for relevance to business research and decision-making (DBA PLO2).
  • Apply concepts, quantitative methods, and recognized methodologies in conducting independent research and demonstrate effective skills including formulation of research problem; integration of previous publications into an appropriate literature review; design of a research study; data analysis; ability to summarize and present the results (DBA PLO3)
  • Locate, and evaluate the validity and reliability of reference materials and sources relevant to the doctoral program courses and dissertation topic (DBA PLO4)
  • Analyze and assess ethical obligations of active citizenship, community engagement, and professional integrity essential to comply with standards for ethical and socially responsible behavior in the conduct of research and responsible management (DBA PLO5).
  • Create and present advanced forms of oral and written communications, including teaching and student advising (DBA PLO6).
  • Apply the knowledge from the area of specialization and provide consulting to other business industries or other fields (DBA PLO7).