DBA Program Chart

Core Courses:  54 units.
BA 301   BA 310  
BA 302   BA 320  
BA 303   BA 330  
BA 304   BA 340  
BA 305   BA 350  
BA 306   BA 360  
BA 307   BA 370  
BA 308   BA 380  
BA 309   BA 388  

Concentration Courses:  27 units. Choose 5 courses (400 level) of your concentration

1.   4.  
2.   5.  
BA 492 or 494 - Graduate Internship and Report (4 units)   BA 501 or 502 - Doctoral Research Seminar (3 units)  

DBA Qualifying Examination - upon completion of all required core and 12 units of concentration courses.

DBA Research Project (Dissertation Courses): 12 units.
BA 510 - DBA Dissertation Seminar (3 units)   BA 597 - DBA Dissertation I (3 units)  
BA 598 - DBA Dissertation II (3 units)   BA 599 - DBA Dissertation III (3 units)  

Suggested Course Sequencing for DBA Degree Program
A specific sequence of courses in the DBA program is not required. It is suggested that a student discusses the schedule with the Program Director before attending classes.

Time Limitation for DBA Degree Completion
A time limitation for receiving the DBA degree at Lincoln University is established to ensure that the degree represents mastery of current knowledge in the field of study. Time is counted from the beginning of student enrollment into the program. All requirements leading to the degree must be completed within seven and a half (7.5) years from the date of admission (six years in case of transfer credits for MBA) and within three years from the date of advancement to candidacy, regardless of any leave of absence taken. Academic credits beyond the 7.5 years date will be deemed “no longer applicable”.  Petition for exception to the policy may be directed to the Chief Academic Officer or the Program Director for consideration and determination. If the petition is approved, the student may have options of repeating academic credits affected by the policy or elect an alternative that requires the student to establish competency with course objectives and learning outcomes the coursework affected. The candidate has the following options:
  • Request another course to substitute for the course outdated; or
  • Repeat the outdated course without credit; or
  • Revalidate the outdated Lincoln University course by examination.