DBA General Requirements

Students’ applications and admissions to the Lincoln University DBA program are open for both resident and foreign applicants. Lincoln University seeks students with undergraduate or master’s degrees in research-based fields such as mathematical sciences (math, engineering, statistics, computer sciences), business, social sciences (e.g. psychology, sociology, economics, political science), or the health or physical sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology, etc.). Students with prior research experience are particularly well suited to pursue a doctoral degree. Students who have an established record of business or professional work experience will also find this DBA program to be of significant value in preparing for academic careers or career advancement in the business sector. Additionally, students currently working or seeking positions in the government sector will find the doctoral curriculum both relevant and supportive of their career objectives.

Students applying to the DBA program will find that the admission criteria require demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience sufficient to give an expectation of successful completion of this advanced academic degree program. The intent of the high admission standards and careful applicant screening is to ensure a doctoral student population that is well qualified and motivated to achieve a successful outcome in the program. Those admitted are highly likely to complete the DBA program in a manner that provides great pride in their accomplishment for the student and for Lincoln University.

Title IV federal financial aid is not offered to students in the DBA program.