Period of Attendance and Estimated Schedule of Charges

Students must successfully complete 93 graduate units of required coursework to complete the DBA degree program. The estimated time for degree completion (ETDC) for DBA program is 5.5 (five and a half) years. The estimated tuition and fees for completion of DBA degree program is listed below:

Tuition & Fees Charges
Tuition* $4,680
Registration Fee* $50
Student Services Fee* $50
Computer Lab Fee* $40
Library Fee* $60
Instructional Materials Fee* $25
Publication Fee* $10
Total Charges the Student is required upon Enrollment* $4,915
Estimated Total Charges for Period of Attendance $52,565
Estimated Total Charges for Entire Educational Program $52,565

*NOTE: A full-time graduate student must take 9 units per semester. The tuition and fees posted-above are per term and estimates based on current approved amount and are subject to change. Thus, the final amount may differ from the amounts shown above.