MBA Comprehensive Examination Description

In order to take the Lincoln University MBA Comprehensive Examination, students are required to successfully complete 36 graduate credit units (12 courses) with a GPA of at least 3.0 (B). The examinations are arranged every semester during the first week of classes and the week of finals.

  • The comprehensive examination is oral in nature with the duration of 60 minutes: 30 minutes for the preparation and 30 minutes for the answers.
  • An examination committee consists of at least 3 faculty members including at least one from the field related to the student’s concentration.
  • Students receive questions one month before the examination, including 5 questions from the subject material of their concentration and 12 questions from the subjects of 7 core courses.
  • During the examination, a candidate randomly draws two straws with core courses questions, only one of which he/she selects to response and one straw with a question from his/her concentration.
  • Students then have 30 minutes to prepare the answer for the selected questions. Use of books or notes or any other materials are not allowed during the preparation for the exam.
  • During following 30 minutes, the candidate will present his/her answers in front of the examination committee and may be asked additional questions.
  • The examination committee will evaluate student’s performance, coming to a consensus on the examination evaluation with grades “CR” (passing) or “NC” (failure).
  • In case of failure (NC) or a student’s absence without proper reasons, the test should be retaken. A fee for one graduate unit must be paid for the additional or rearranged exam.