Student Classification and Eligibilty

Undergraduate students enrolled for 12 semester units or more are considered full-time. All undergraduate students, having met regular admission requirements, are classified as to class status on the following scale:
Freshman - A student who has completed fewer than 30 units.
Sophomore - A student who has completed at least 30, but fewer than 60 units.
Junior - A student who has completed at least 60, but fewer than 90 units.
Senior - A student who has completed at least 90, but does not hold a bachelor's degree.
Graduate students, having met the regular admission requirements, are classified, based on the number of units taken in the required program, as follows:
First Year - 0 - 18 semester units completed
Second Year - 19 or more semester units completed
Evaluations are not made for students who are admitted without submitting full credentials for regular admission but are listed as special.
To qualify for a student visa, foreign students are required by the United States Department of Homeland Security to maintain full-time status.