Minor Options

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree program may choose a minor area of emphasis in addition to their major. Established minors are available in Humanities and Information Technology. Students may also develop an individual minor area using the existing courses with the approval of the academic advisor and the President. A maximum of 9 credit units can be transferred to a Lincoln University minor.

The purpose of this minor area is to enrich the student's education. The minor in Humanities is designed for students seeking to develop their intellectual capabilities and broaden their social and cultural horizons. This minor aims to develop a sense of the common values encapsulated in the minor field and seeks to acquaint the student with these basic values which are intellectual, aesthetic, social and cultural in nature.

The Humanities minor at Lincoln University includes an investigation of philosophy, the arts, literature and other areas that explore culture and its place within society. These courses are designed to increase the student's awareness of the intellectual achievements that are integral aspects of human society. A student must complete courses from the following list with a total of at least 18 credit units.

HUM 16 Art of the Film 3
HUM 25 Chinese 3
HUM 27 Spanish 3
HUM 30 Introduction to Philosophy 3
HUM 40 Survey of World Art 3
HUM 50 Natural and Cultural Environment of the S.F. Bay Area 3
HUM 56 City's Resources as a Classroom 3
HUM 159 Multicultural Heritage 3
HUM 290 Research Project in Humanities 3
Total Required for Humanities Minor 18 Units

A minor in Information Technology includes 18 units of prescribed work in the following areas: computer science core areas and advanced computer topics. Specific requirements in each area are detailed below:

Core Areas – Part 1 (all of the following):
CS 50 Introduction to Programming 3
CS 90 Studies in Programming Languages 3
CS 140 Data Structures 3
BA 160 Information Systems Concept and Business Applications 3
Advanced Topics – Part 2 (6 units from the following):
CS 175 Topics in Artificial Intelligence 3
CS 220 Software Engineering 3
CS 237 Database 3
BA 262 Systems Analysis and Design 3
Total Required for Information Technology Minor 18 Units