General Education Courses

The General Education (GE) courses are an essential part of higher education. They provide a broad foundation of general knowledge for the more special­ized upper division courses and prepare students for contemporary life and communication. These courses may be required or elective (depending on the degree program). The required courses offer fundamentals of a higher education and develop­ skills and prerequisites for advanced studies.

The following subjects represent main fields of general education:

  • Critical Thinking, English Composition and Communications,
  • Humanities (including American and English literature and foreign languages),
  • Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Sciences,
  • Natural, Political, and Social Sciences (including biology, physics, economics, and history),
  • Psychology and Introductions to Business and Law.

The following 5 courses are considered to be Basic Subjects and are required for all programs:

  • MATH 10           – College Mathematics (3 units)
  • ENG 75             – Critical Thinking (3 units)
  • CS 10                – Introduction to Computer Science (3 units)
  • PSYCH 10        – Fundamentals of Psychology (3 units)
  • SCI 10               – Physical Science (3 units)

Other General Education course requirements are described within specific program sections of this website.