Associate of Science in Diagnostic Imaging Introduction

The Associate of Science degree program in Diagnostic Imaging with concentrations in Vascular Ultrasound and Echocardiography is dedicated to provide high-quality education and training that leads to employment as a competent, ethical health care professional. The program emphasizes the necessity of professional development and life-long learning. The program provides academic activities and externships that enable graduates to develop a knowledge base for the use of diagnostic ultrasound imaging and echocardiographic equipment for testing of the human body. It also provides students with the knowledge of clinical skills, problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills.

Sonography, Vascular Ultrasound, and Echocardiography are rapidly expanding allied health fields where the needs for professionals continue. Graduates have opportunities for employment in: hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, mobile services, and also in research, management, marketing, and administration of sales and product development for equipment manufacturers.

Associate of Science (AS) in Diagnostic Imaging Degree Program at Lincoln University consists of 24 units of General Education, 13 units of Core Courses, 20 units of General Diagnostic Sonography Courses, 14 units of a Concentration, and 6 units of externships supervised by certified advisors.



Students enrolled in the Associate of Science degree program are expected to maintain their grades corresponding to the policy of satisfactory progress and the following chart. The chart specifies the criteria for achieving satisfactory academic progress for full-time students (no transfers) in the University AS degree program based on the allowable maximum number of semester credit hours attempted (part-time students are evaluated proportionally to the taken part of a program; students who changed their program will be evaluated on all courses taken):

Program Maximum Units Attempted* Evaluation
Credit Units
Minimum  Cumulative GPA
AS in DI
48 25% of MTDC 20 2.0
96 50% of MTDC 40 2.0
115 End of 3rd Academic Year 60 2.0
115 100% of MTDC (4 years) 77 2.0

*    Units attempted means courses’ units for which the students have incurred a financial obligation or for which any university scholarship funds have been disbursed.