Description:   Develop and maintain university database systems such as academic database, admissions database, and documents database.  Manage and supervise backup  strategies for databases.  Provide operational support  to Admissions Department, Registrar’s Office, and Student Services office.

Develop procedures for systems to support the University’s academic goals.  Supervise operational support for department staffs and act as liaison to the President.  Manage database services for student admissions,  registration, and student advising.  Work closely with other departments on work kissues to improve efficiency and meet departmental goals in terms of data processing and data availability.

Position Type:   Full-Time

Requirements:  Masters of Business Administration and two years experience as a database administrator.

Salary:  $71,053.00 per year.

Send resume to President Mikhail Brodsky,  Lincoln University:  401-15th St.,  Oakland,  CA  94612

Posted on 8/25/2014